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June 19th - 21st, 2020

All About The Driftless

Laree Scouweiler, Decorah

Laree Schouweiler, Decorah


The Driftless Yoga Festival features teachers & practitioners from across the region. Your three-day Driftless Yoga experience will expose you to a wide array of personalities & abilities. More instructors will be added to the lineup soon.

Dr. Libby Abbas, Decorah

Brent Aronsen, Des Moines

Molly Gallagher, Decorah

Lauren Hopps, St. Paul, Minnesota

Nina Smock, Decorah

Moya Mathews, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Katie McMoran, Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Jes Rosenberg, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Anthony McMoran, Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Monique Maxwell, Minneapolis, Minnesota


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